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  • Web design and marketing
    Our team builds the websites that are fully comply with Ukrainian mentality, there for you have a chance to win the local
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  • Autec Imports
    Private enterprise "AUTEK Import" is the official representative of company "Autec-Group" in Ukraine, established in Germany in early
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  • Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing
    At present Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of the leading companies in the field of aviation industry of Ukraine.
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  • Company Edican
    The company "Edican" is fairly new on Ukrainian market among producers of MDF facades for cabinet furniture and armored doors, however with solid reputation
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    is one of the first private higher institutions in Ukraine established in 1991. It is also one of the largest universities in Ukraine with over 32 000 students. It meets the needs
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  • 2nd A, Zheliabova Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    Institute of Engineering Ecology, Ltd. is the independent nongovernmental organization. The main directions of its activity are development, production and application of both the new ecologically pure technologies and various equipment for energy...
  • P.O.Box 627, Kiev-019,

    Kievska oblast
    The Journal is distributed within the business circles of Kiev and other major cities of Ukraine, as well as in the business circles of foreign countries interested in dealing with Ukraine.

  • City Lviv,,
    L'vivska oblast
    The history of Lviv medical university goes back to 1661, when on the 20th of January Jesuit Collegium in Lviv by the privilege of Polish King Yan Kazimir acquired the status of Academy.
  • 46th R. Luxemburg Street,
    City Donetsk,,
    Donetska oblast
    Department of Surgical Dentistry with Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic of M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University Donetsk Interregional Center
    of Children's Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • 64th Volodymyrska Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    Analytical Chemistry department - The information you can find here is concerned with the topics of analytical chemistry, particularly, with the new decisions of some complicated problems of ecoanalysis, quality control of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical
  • 64th Volodymyrs'ka Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    Kyiv National University is an institution of higher education that trains specialists in many fields of knowledge and carries out researches.
  • 16th Lenin Avenue,
    City Alchevsk,,
    Luganska oblast
    DonSTU is the largest training center, a higher institution of the IV level of accreditation. It has the following departments: Mining, Metallurgical, Civil Engineering, Economics and Finances, Mechanical Engineering, Management, Automation and ..../
  • 8/1 Soborna Blvd.,
    City Bila Tserkva,,
    Kievska oblast
    Educational traditions in Bila Tserkva are rather old. Historical connection between the previous educational institutions and the modern agrarian university which comes from Vinnytsa collegium can be observed easily.
  • 2nd Teatralna square,
    City Chervivtsi,,
    Chernivetska oblast
    Bukovinian State Medical University - if you have chosen your profession as a doctor then you should be trained in the best institution
  • 2nd Dneprostroevska Street,
    City Dniprodzerzhynsk,,
    Dnipropetrovska oblast
    Dniprodzerzhinsk state technical university trains specialists in 19 directions, 35 specialities (masters - in 19 specialities) with the licensed amount of full-time students - 1210, of the correspondence course students - 1135, at 8 faculties and 34
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