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  • Web design and marketing
    Our team builds the websites that are fully comply with Ukrainian mentality, there for you have a chance to win the local
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  • Autec Imports
    Private enterprise "AUTEK Import" is the official representative of company "Autec-Group" in Ukraine, established in Germany in early
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  • Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing
    At present Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of the leading companies in the field of aviation industry of Ukraine.
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  • Company Edican
    The company "Edican" is fairly new on Ukrainian market among producers of MDF facades for cabinet furniture and armored doors, however with solid reputation
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    is one of the first private higher institutions in Ukraine established in 1991. It is also one of the largest universities in Ukraine with over 32 000 students. It meets the needs
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  • 13th-A Kibalchicha Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    Agrotechkozha Company was established in 1994 with the mission to provide the clients with the best possible solutions and technologies in leather manufacturing.
  • 14th Nizhnevartovskaya Street,
    City Donetsk,,
    Donetska oblast
    The increase of quality and competitiveness of products with traditional raw materials general line of "Briket" company, has been repeatedly confirmed with certificates of independent international inspection organization "CCI HOLDINGS LTD".
  • 21st Kurenyvskaya Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    Leather - dressing was one of the oldest crafts in Kyiv Rus' and the skilled craftsmen curing and tanning leather were called chinbars. Chinbar [Tanner] became the name of a modern Kyiv leather - dressing company.

  • City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    National Gas Union of Ukraine - the organizational structure of the NGUU consists of managerial bodies of the Union in Kiev, the network of 23 regional organizations, involving 40 local organizations in all the regions of Ukraine
  • 12a Geologiv St.,
    City Morshyn,,
    L'vivska oblast
    Nova Company is the only national distributor in Ukraine. To cover the whole territory of Ukraine a network of branches and representative offices was established and 30 distributors work. A network of distributors continues expansion.
  • 57th Schors Street,
    City Chernigov,,
    Chernihivska oblast
    Ukraine has been traditionally a grain processing and grain producing country. Climatic terms and unique fertile land surfaces allow a considerable grain harvest. Our enterprise belongs to a flour-grinding and groat industry.
  • 22nd, Vysokiy lane,
    City Odessa,,
    Odess'ka oblast
    Holding company Vitmark is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of juices, nectars, juice beverages, baby food, puree-like and concentrated convenience foods.
  • 17-V, Karl Marx Ave.,
    City Dnipropetrovsk,,
    Dnipropetrovska oblast
    Trade House Elvas for many years has been delivering galvanized steel and galvanized steel with polymeric coating to Ukrainian market
  • 18th Kurchatova Street,
    City Rivno,,
    Rivnenska oblast
    Unexpected Chance LTD Co is private company. It is located in Rivne province, Ukraine, about 300 kilometers from Western border. It has the own peat deposit, storages on the railway station, special equipments.
  • 4, Kakhovskoye highway,
    City Melitopol,,
    Zaporizhska oblast
    Tavrian casting company "TALKO" is an active enterprise with modern approaches to business in the field of casting production
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